Artist Behind Zuma Explicit Painting Arrested

Ayanda Mabulu, the artist behind the controversial painting of Zuma and Atul has been arrested by the Police for exhibiting paintings of the president in such act.

According to SAPS, Ayanda Mabulu would be prepared for court later on Wednesday afternoon.

Mabulu’s work has since been removed from Constitution Hill where it was being exhibited.

In one painting has depicted President Jacob Zuma in a sexual act with one of the Gupta brothers‚ a naked Atul‚ in an aircraft’s cockpit. Nobody is at the controls and another aircraft is heading for them.

In the second painting, Zuma’s pants are down and his genitals exposed.

Mabulu was trending on Twitter. Some people commended him for his work, some thought his painting was disrespectful.

It is not the first time Mabulu has depicted Zuma naked. In his painting “Spear Down My Throat” (The Pornography of Power) created last year, Zuma is portrayed engaging in a sex act with a woman and a hyena.

Zuma was depicted with his genitals exposed in Brett Murray’s 2010 painting “The Spear”. It was vandalised in May 2012.

Zuma’s relationship with the Gupta family has been under scrutiny for months, since the reshuffling of the Cabinet in December. Allegations emerged that the Gupta family was offering Cabinet posts. The family has since relocated to Dubai.