BREAKING: AyanAda Mabulu Found Dead

Ayanda Mabulu, the artist behind the controversial painting of Zuma and Atul has been found dead in a quiet street of Discovery in Florida, Johannesburg.

According to a passerby, Ayanda Mabulu who lying in a pool of blood which is believed to be as result of gunshots. SAPS is yet to issue a statement.

Mabulu’s work, which was removed from Constitution Hill where it was being exhibited has been sent back on the shelves to be exhibited few minutes after his death.

In one painting has depicted President Jacob Zuma in a sexual act with one of the Gupta brothers‚ a naked Atul‚ in an aircraft’s cockpit. Nobody is at the controls and another aircraft is heading for them.

In the second painting, Zuma’s pants are down and his genitals exposed.

It is not the first time Mabulu has depicted Zuma naked. In his painting “Spear Down My Throat” (The Pornography of Power) created last year, Zuma is portrayed engaging in a sex act with a woman and a hyena.

Zuma was depicted with his genitals exposed in Brett Murray’s 2010 painting “The Spear”. It was vandalised in May 2012.