BREAKING NEWS: “Blesser Photo is Blade Nzimande” – Wife confirms

Despite he Ministry of Higher Education and Training issuing a statement saying it “rejects the image of a naked man who is purported to be Minister Blade Nzimande” that is circulating on social media platforms”, the wife of the Minister has come out to confirm that the photo is her husband.

According to the wife Phumelele Ntombela-Nzimande, the ministry is only trying to safeguard their integrity but she as a wife needs to let the truth be out there to ensure sanity in the rest of her marriage life.

“I don’t give a F*** about what it may cost him and his ministry. He has been doing this for ages and I have been silence since its about my marriage and has to be secret. But now that it’s out there, I have to let them know” – Phumelele said.

“He is the one in the Photo. He is my husband and I know him perfectly. This photo even got to me before hitting the media” – she added.

“How would a whole ministry issue a statement to debunk something relating to a private life” – she asked.