BREAKING: ‘Prophet of Doom’ arrested with six human heads

Prophet Lethebo Rabalago, a South Africa pastor who sprays his congregation with insecticide has been arrested by the Police with six (6) human heads.

The pastor was picked from his worship site in the wee hours of Monday after a tipoff that he would be performing rituals at the worship center.

SAPS has since confirmed the arrest.

According to SAPS, the general public should be vigilant with religious leaders and give tip-off where necessary so as to provide maximum protection to the citizens of South Africa. The Police also assured the public that it would keep identity of whistleblowers confidential and provide security when the need be.

The self-proclaimed prophet Lethebo Rabalago has been trending on social media for his claims that a pesticide called Doom can heal people.

The company that produces Doom warned of the risks of spraying the substance, while a government commission urged anyone affected to lodge complaints.

But the pastor has defended his actions, telling the BBC he is using unconventional methods to heal people.

The country has seen a wave of practices where church members have been subjected to unorthodox rituals to receive healing.