SAD NEWS: Obama lost his eldest daughter Malia Obama

WASHINGTON D.C — The president of the United States Barack Obama has on Saturday morning lost his eldest daughter Malia Obama, a source at the hospital said.

The White House is yet to release an official statement on the demise of the President’s daughter.

Though the source did not know the cause of her death immediately, we are reliably informed that Malia Obama had visited the heath facility on several occasions for Asthmatic related issues.

Malia Obama has been accused of smoking marijuana after a video of her puffing on a suspicious cigarette was released.

Smoking worsens the conditions of people suffering from Asthma and if those reports were true, then Malia could have caused her earlier death.

The president’s eldest daughter was seen inhaling from the cigarette during the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.

The brief clip, published by Radar, shows the 18-year-old mingling with crowds as she takes a drag.

An eyewitness insisted she was smoking marijuana, the tabloid site reported.

Story is developing and we would be updating this story once updates are available.