11 students confirmed dead in latest #Feesmustfall protest

Eleven (11) students have been confirmed dead in a latest clash between students and Police in the ongoing #FeesMustFall protest.

Over 50 more are reported injured of which 16 are in critical conditions.

All affected students are believed to be students of University of Witwatersrand.

This comes two days after a former WITS SRC President and a leader of the #Feesmustfall movement Shaeera Kalla was shot multiple times in the back by police at the university. A visibly distressed Kalla was helped into an ambulance by her father and a paramedic.

Wits spokesperson Shirona Patel confirmed that Kalla had been shot by the police. “We know she was shot nine times by police, [was] treated by campus health and taken to hospital,” said Patel. “Several students were treated at campus health and wellness centre. One with a dislocated leg was taken to hospital by the dean of students and a campus nurse,” added Patel.

Protesting students claim that they were attacked by the police on the road between the science stadium and the engineering building on West campus. A group of around 30 protesting students were making their way through West campus when they were confronted by police, they said.

Security expect has predicted more clashes between the students and the police.