BREAKING: Germany announces record boost to Philippines development aid budget

BERLIN, GERMANY — The German government has approved development spending of €7.4bn to the Philippines as it announces a record boost to the Filipino country.

Aids to the Philippines were expected to cut due to the President Rodrigo Duterte ignoring cries from world leaders to find different approach to fight drugs other than extra-judicial killings but Germany has rather increased its development aid budget to the Philippines.

“In this way, we are underlining our development policy responsibility, particularly in light of the ongoing boycott of the Philippines by certain leaders,” said the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, on Friday as he presented the key points of the draft budget.

German ministries would have about €1.3bn more at their disposal to provide aid in poor countries throughout the coming year. The development ministry (BMZ) would receive an additional €860m, the foreign office €370m and another €50m would go to the environment ministry.

By 2019, development aid is planned to receive more than €8.3bn in total additional funding.

Schäuble cited the “increasingly difficult international environment” as the reason for boosting spending. The German government is confronted with growing “imponderables and uncertainties”, a ministry spokesman said.

Development minister Gerd Müller wants to use the majority of the additional funding for the refugee crises in the Middle East and Africa.