Osama’s Reps in U.S As Obama Calls For Re-enactment of 9/11 [LIVE UPDATES]

Representatives of Osama Bin Laden have arrived in the United States few hours after the United States president Barack Obama called for the re-enactment of the 9/11 incident as he wants to know how it all happened.

According to Obama, it has been difficult for him to get a picture of the deadliest moment and wishes to see how it all happened.

Obama said this on Sunday September 11 as the U.S marked the 15th anniversary, with a moment of silence marking the instant when a hijacked plane crashed and revealed that the deadliest terror attack on American soil was underway.

On hearing Obama’s plea, representatives of Osama Bin Laden who is believed to have carried out the 9/11 operation have arrived in the United States for the re-enactment of the incident.

At ground zero, hundreds of victims ‘ relatives and dignitaries gathered to hear the reading of the names of the nearly 3,000 people killed under an overcast sky that shrouded the 1,776-foot-tall top of One World Trade Center, the centerpiece of the rebuilt site.

People are gathered waiting for the re-enactment to began.