South Africa To Bill Students With Condoms

South African Parliament has approved a bill that came as a surprise to the entire South Africans.

In the bill, the parliament has agreed on billing students with condoms in their next academic calendar.

According to the spokesperson of the house, he said the rate at which students engage in sexual acts is unbearable and the best way the government can protect them is to pass this new bill.

‘’The rate at which students have sex these days is becoming too much so in order to prevent STD’s we agreed to pass a bill that will see each student being billed with Condom fee come next academic calendar’’ he said

Some Members of Parliament objected to the idea.

“…There are a lot of items in this that in fact people will not take us serious; billing students with condom fee come next academic calendar. We must be serious!!’’ a member said.

Speaking to the Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi said the idea is in the right direction and as a matter of fact will minimise the rate of spread of STD’s.

“It is a nice idea though it has is negative and positive influence that is reducing STD’s but will boost the rate at which students have sex’’ he said jokingly.

The said Condom fee bill will see each student paying an amount of 100rands.